About Daniel

Life long lover of art and design. Originally focused on fine art, but later morphed into an interest in industrial design. Professionally I've applied this love of aesthetics combined with technical function to my design and development work. Today I enjoy being the hybrid web/UX designer/developer that I am and being the liaison between practices. Ideally this is where I'd like to be—a senior or managerial hands-on designer/developer bringing design, UI, and dev teams together. I've been a freelancer/contractor most of my professional career and therefore understand budgets, restrictions, client satisfaction, and client interaction. I have a pleasant professional appearance and the ability to sit in front of a client and represent my employer admirably.

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Skills & Exp.

Web/UX Design

Page comps, prototyping, wireframes, advertising concepts, illustration, brand identity, client interaction, some print work

Front-end Development

HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, JSP/JSTL, ATG, WordPress, MySQL, ColdFusion, Flash, ASP.NET


Eclipse w/SVN & CVS, Dreamweaver, BBEdit, Visual Studio, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, OS X and Windows

Other Skills

Copywriting, marketing concepts, sales management, store management, general office, TV/video production


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